Saturday, March 2, 2013

Signature Point - June 1 - 3PM

3rd Floor Healthcare
Signature Point is located on Preston Rd just south of Belt Line. 

Barbara McMillen, Founding President Emeritus, 
In 1985, Barbe organized a small group of songwriters who met once a month to critique their songs. This group officially became the Dallas Songwriters Association in 1987 with Barbara as President.  While President, Barbe incorporated DSA into a 501 C3 educational organization in 1990 and has remained an active member of the board of directors through the years.
     Barbe has been a professional performer and songwriter since attending North Texas State University. She has traveled extensively performing and has appeared on several local television programs. She has produced concerts, TV, & records. She has managed two record labels and publishing companies. Her songwriting credits include a Mercom Gold Award and a US Film & Video Silver Screen Award for original music & lyrics. She has released two albums, garnered numerous album cuts by other artist and produced several albums on other artists. She has managed recording artists and worked in music marketing.
   Currently, Barbe is consulting, conducting Music Therapy, teaching songwriting at Collin College and performing.